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The Gemini filter consists of a pressure vessel containing the unique patented Gemini Filter candles. The candles act as fine strainers and are used as the support (septum) for a deposited bed of filter powder. This filter powder acts as the filtration medium trapping the impurities from the fluid. At the end of a run, reverse liquid flow removes the filter bed together with the entrained impurities. The cycle can then be repeated without opening the pressure vessel. With over 20 years of successful operation behind it, the Gemini offers a reliable, cost effective and proven filtration system for aviation fuels.
Gemini fuel installation The units available are - duplex to allow continuous operation, single filter for batch processing e.g. tank to tank transfers and portable units can be supplied for multi site operations. Flow of up to 750 m3/hr per vessel are available for aviation fuel.

A typical fuel pipeline installation has a twin filter unit, dosing vessel and bag filter vessel. In operation while one filter is on stream, the second filter is pre-coated and left in a prepared state so that continuous filtration is achieved.

After switching flow from one filter to the second the back-flushing and pre-coat operations are carried out solely by the operation of valves without the need to open the filter vessels. The spent filter aid is then recovered using the bag filter thus eliminating any loss of fuel and minimising the safety and disposal hazards especially when compared to cartridge filters. Gemini mobile unit
The advantages of this design are as follows:
  • SUPERB FILTERAID RETENTION characteristics and high resistance to pressure surges as a result of 40 micron septum pore size. RESISTANCE TO SEPTUM BLOCKAGE owing to large open area 38% of gauze.
  • CAKE STABILITY (i.e. pre-coat retention in no flow condition) resulting from the keying action of the spiral wires.
  • RAPID BACKWASHING capability.
  • HIGH STRUCTURAL STRENGTH of 10 bar differential pressure in the forward and reverse flow directions.
  • ELIMINATION OF MULTI PRE-COATS. In fact the first pre-coat may be as fine as Dicalite grade UF or equivalent.

Operational data shows conclusively that the Gemini is the most effective filter for returning out of spec fuel to meet MIL-T-831 33C for Filtration Time and Total Solids specification.


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