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NELLIE is a sheet-earth filter possessing the solid retentive capacity and flexibility of the earth filter and the stability and simplicity of the sheet filter. The filter mats contain diatomaceous earth and cellulose carefully processed to produce a filtration medium radically different from those previously known. Although the unit is small and compact the potential throughput of beer (5,000-6,000 barrels) is high. This is made possible by the extremely large solid retaining capacity of the filter sheets and by the elimination of filter plates. The drainage ribs are moulded into the mats which, when assembled, are self supporting. The casing is therefore almost completely filled with filter medium: dead space is thus reduced to a minimum. The small overall dimensions of NELLIE combined with mobility open up new possibilities in plant layout and operation.

The down-time required for cleaning and repacking filtration equipment may be considerable; in order to ensure that production continues without interruption, installation of extra filters s sometimes necessary. This involves high capital expenditure on conventional equipment and running costs may be high. Since the NELLIE system of filtration is based on regular replacement of used elements by new ones, all servicing and maintenance being done at British Filters, it is possible to offer the brewer an efficient and economical means of filtration at very low capital cost.

NELLIE MINOR is a shortened version of the NELLIE FILTER and having one third the capacity. Developed for low batch volumes and lower flow rates it is identical to NELLIE in cross section. Valves, fittings etc. are identical.




Polynellie differs from the other Nellies in that its mats contain a proportion of Polyclar AT powder which is highly effective in removing the polyphenols involved in the formation of chill haze. It is not intended to perform any filtering function and the beer passed through it should therefore be well clarified. A turbidity of not more than 1.0 EBC units is recommended. The dimensions and fittings of Polynellie are the same as those of the filtering Nellies and thus the Parts List is applicable to both types. It is normally supplied with IN to OUT flow path.


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