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Range of hydraulic and general purpose filters


Hydraulic and general purpose filters


  • Machine Tool Coolants

  • Automotive Lubrication

  • Aircraft Simulators

  • Pumping Systems

  • Hydraulic Test Rigs


(up to 375 Bar)

Interchangeable elements are supplied to give 3, 5 and 10 micron filtration as standard; for special duties, elements having different degrees of filtration are available. The form of construction provides an element of great strength. Where the system permits, a pressure differential of up to 17.5 Bar may be safety allowed.


(up to 170 Bar)

This series of filters has been designed and produced to meet the need for a low flow rate, high efficiency unit at an economic price. Three standards of pleated paper elements are available as standard to provide 5, 10 and 15 micron filtration. Filters can be supplied with or without a by-pass valve which, if fitted, commences to open at pressure differential of 2.4 Bar.


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